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Terms & Conditions

These are the guidelines under which we agree to undertake medico-legal work on your behalf.
1. Confidential Information

You agree to treat all information supplied by us as confidential and you shall not disclose or otherwise use such information except for the purposes of the specific litigation to which it relates without first obtaining our written consent.

2. Medical Records

2.1. You must provide us with the full Terms & Conditions* document signed by you and all relevant medical records and radiographs relating to the claimant before his or her appointment with us. You, therefore, shall have acquired the following information from the claimant:

  1. the names and addresses of all practitioners from whom they have received treatment; and
  2. the names of all hospitals at which they have received treatment or at which they have been the subject of investigation.

2.2. The medical records you send us must either be high quality photocopies (on CD-ROM) or originals. Where originals are sent, we shall arrange for photocopies to be taken and for the originals to be returned to the relevant General Practitioner and/or hospital.

3. Appointment

An appointment with the claimant will only be arranged once all medical records and radiographs have been received in accordance with clause 2.  An appointment card will be sent to the claimant specifying the next available date on which we can see him or her.  We shall arrange for a copy of this appointment card to be sent to you so that you can ensure their punctual attendance.

4. Preparation of Reports

4.1. Where all medical records and radiographs have been obtained in accordance with clause 2, and it is clear that no further investigations into the claimant’s condition are required, then our medico-legal report will be despatched to you within six weeks of the appointment date.

5. Further Investigations

5.1. If, at the time of the appointment, we believe further standard (plain) radiographs are required in order to prepare my report, then we shall arrange for these to be taken on the same day as the appointment.

5.2. Where we consider that further more complex investigations are required, such as computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, nerve conduction studies etc., then such investigations will not be undertaken until we have first obtained your approval.  In order to help you decide whether to proceed with such investigations, we shall explain in writing our reasons for requiring them together with, where possible, an estimate of their likely cost.

6. Fees

6.1. Our basic fees for the preparation of a medico-legal report, to include interview and examination of the client, are disclosed in the full Terms & Conditions document, which will be provided upon request. Other fees include office administrative charges and word processing.
6.2. Where any account delivered by us in relation to any of our services are settled promptly, a discount schedule, of up to 20%, will apply to some of the fees.

7. Communication

7.1. Our offices are equipped with a fax machine, 24 hour answer-phone and e-mail, and we shall endeavour to answer all communications from you as soon as reasonably practicable.  You should, however, restrict use of our telephone line to urgent enquiries only.
7.2. You should advise the claimant that, as our instructions come from you, all communications between the claimant and ourselves should be through you.  The only exception to this is where the claimant needs to cancel their appointment with us.